Beware the Poisonous Rove Beetle

22 Sep

Its that time of year again, time to start looking out for these guys.  They are common in Penang during the later, rainier months of the year, but can be spotted at any time.  Recognizable by their alternating red/black pattern and pointy butt, the Rove Beetle gives off his poison upon smashing.  Similar to the venom of a cobra, it causes nasty skin legions called Rove Beetle dermatitis (pictures here, warning!).  They typically fly into your house at night, through an open window as they are attracted to light.

Best bet for getting rid of these guys – remove them from the house and smash with a paper you will then throw away.  Or smash them inside and then get rid of ALL the evidence.  Especially with little hands around, you don’t want any of the venom left in the house.  Don’t try flushing live, as they can walk on water and fly away!

Show this to your friends and neighbors and teach your bug-loving 5 year old about it, too.

One Response to “Beware the Poisonous Rove Beetle”

  1. Kristyn 5 October 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    good to know. thanks for the warning!

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